Tax exemption plans for foster children

Care leavers are to get help with their council tax bill
Care leavers are to get help with their council tax bill

Young people leaving care in Wakefield could be made exempt from council tax.

The local authority is considering ways to improve support for 16-24 year-olds who have been fostered.

The measures, if approved by the council’s cabinet next week, would apply to all care leavers under the age of 25 regardless of how much they are earning and where they live.

The report said: “Wakefield Council recognises that young people’s transition out of care and into adulthood is extremely difficult. Managing money for the first time, without family support, leaves care leavers at risk of falling into debt.

“The council has decided to support those council tax charge payers leaving its care by reducing their net liability for council tax to zero, until the charge payer’s 25th birthday.”

A recent report highlighted that nearly half of the 185 care leavers in the district were unemployed. Each of them could soon be given a personal adviser, as the council pledges to make the help they are given more personalised.