Teenage swimmer with potentially fatal spine injury takes to the pool again

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A swimming mad teenager who suffers from a potentially fatal spinal illness has avoided major surgery with an innovative exercise programme.

Hannah Daiper was 13 when she was diagnosed with scoliosis, which causes the spine to curve sideways.

She was told she would have to undergo a risky surgical procedure to insert metal rods into her back to straighten the curve - and she would not be able to swim for months if not years.

But then her parents, Liz and Clive, discovered Scoliosis SOS - an alternative nonsurgical treatment clinic in London.

Within weeks of starting her treatment course, Hannah managed to stabilise her condition through different exercises.

Hannah, now 15, of Oakleigh Avenue, Flanshaw, said: “I am so happy, I feel normal again. I feel like a bit of a drama queen, as my scoliosis really wasn’t half as bad as some of the girls on the course, but I feel so lucky we caught it early enough to make me better.”