Teenagers putting their lives in danger at old fire station

Steve Gerrard is warning kids to stay away.
Steve Gerrard is warning kids to stay away.

Teenagers are being warned to stay away from the old fire station in Ossett after being spotted climbing the tower.

The station on Dale Street closed in 2016 and the building has since been converted into a training centre for people working at heights, particularly construction workers.

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Owned by private company, Lifterz, operations manager Steven Gerrard, said: “Recently, we have been inundated with youths climbing the scaffolding. We’ve had problems before but nothing like this.

“It’s a dangerous pastime, they are going to kill themselves doing this.

“We have also had these youths trespassing in the operational depot which is on Milner Way in Ossett, actually driving around the yard area on our machines - which is extremely dangerous.”

In one incident, about 15 youths were seen crossing a plank to get to the tower before climbing up and then swinging down on the chains.

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The police have advised the company to take the scaffolding down to deter teenagers, but it means the firm can’t run as many training sessions and could see it lose up to £25,000 a year.

Steven said: “It is cutting into our profits, but that’s irrelevant compared to a death. Falling from heights is the biggest killer in the construction industry. It’s ironic, we’re working to help people be safe, but at this rate someone’s going to get killed.”

Meanwhile, the police have issued a warning, saying: “Not only is this trespassing on private land, it is jeopardising people’s safety.

“They could cause themselves and others serious injury, or potentially pay the ultimate price of their life.”