The British boast gone

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“BUY British” was the slogan. What happened? We out-priced ourselves through greed then we condemned other countries for using underpaid, slave labour.

Why then are we know seeing some of these countries are thriving industrially, and we are in a financial, no work crisis. In this through greed? Especially when unions demand more and more money and privileges; more so in the nationalised industries and public sectors.

Now the government, is saying that food supplied to public works, prisons and government establishments should come from British growers and farmers. This is when most of the foodstuffs and clothing the general public buys are imported cheaply and sold to us at inflated prices.

Some people believe our industries were decimated by one person. Wrong, greed was to blame, with the consequence that other countries would not buy our manufactured goods coal, steel, ships, cars and even some of our farm produce.

We can’t export so we resort to the leisure and entertainment industries that are being propped up on borrowed money and in some cases, the National Lottery.

Our British boast of years gone by that we were the best has slowly ebbed away into an ocean of idleness and greed, which will eventually drown us all.

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street