The Great British Bake Off week three: Karen’s having naan of it

The Great British Bake Off (2018) judges, presenters and contestants

It was bread week on The Great British Bake Off, and the 10 remaining bakers were faced with a fresh set of challenges.

If you’ve not yet watched episode three, turn back now. This article contains spoilers for the third week.

Several of the bakers, including Wakefield-based Karen, felt the knead to prove themselves after a disappointing cake week.

Despite the pressure, Karen maintained her cheery outlook, arriving in the tent in an eye-catching red beret and standing her ground when Paul criticised her bakes.

For the signature challenge, bakers were asked to produce 12 classic Chelsea buns, complete with a rich yeast dough and personalised flavourings.

Karen chose a Bakewell flavouring for her Peak District Christmas buns, decorating each bun with food colouring and gold glitter spray.

The Great British Bake Off (2018): Wakefield-based baker Karen will progress to week four of the show.

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She said: “If nothing else it will be colourful. I’ve always been a bit garish, I get excited by colour.”

Judge Paul Hollywood pointed out that she had used the flavouring before.

He said: “Not again, you’ve done it every week. It’s getting boring now. The next bake you do, please don’t put any more.”

The Great British Bake Off (2018): Just nine of the contestants remain; Imelda, Luke and Anthony have all been sent home.

But he was forced to admit defeat when Karen said: “You say a signature, isn’t that something you always take everywhere you go?”

Her final product was a hit with the judges, who complimented their structure and bake of her buns.

For the technical challenge, the contestants were given one hour to bake eight naan breads. The breads used baking powder in place of yeast and were grilled, rather than cooked in a tandoori.

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In one of the shortest technical ever seen on the show, the bakers struggled with the wet dough and limited instructions.

As she sliced her dough, Karen admitted: “I’m always a bit scared of things like this.”

Her naan bread earned her a respectable fifth place, though the judges noted that they were an uneven shape and very thick.

For the final challenge, bakers were asked to produce a three-tiered Korovai, a traditional Ukranian wedding bread.

Karen’s design, a continental breakfast-themed Korovai inspired by a couple she met in France, featured its own veil.

As she showed off her design to presenter Noel Fielding, she joked: “It’s better looking than my husband.”

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She provided entertainment for viewers as she admitted that, when practicing her bake at home, she had run out of matcha to colour the green sections and had been forced to use mint instead.

Prue Leith praised the bread’s complex design and muted colours, though noted that the bread itself was too dense.

It was the end of the line for London banker Anthony, who was sent packing after he failed to impress the judges across the three challenges.

Rotherham-based baker Rahul, however, celebrated as he was declared star baker for the second week in a row.

Next week will see the nine remaining bakers tackle a roulade sponge and melted chocolate as dessert week returns to the tent.

The Great British Bake Off airs on Channel 4 at 8pm each Tuesday evening.

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