The lengths people go to, to secure a new home

Homebuyers may face an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to finding their dream property, but some go to extraordinary lengths to secure a bid.

Propertymark asked its members to reveal the extravagant things they have seen buyers do over the years to secure their ideal home.

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One potential buyer was worried a sale wouldn’t be accepted, so offered to buy the owner’s Porsche as well as the house to help guarantee the transaction. The deal was sealed and the new owner sped off into the sunset having secured two purchases instead of one.

Another buyer, hoping to make their offer stand out from the crowd, took the owner away to a country manor hotel and spa for a weekend of pampering.

One persistent buyer volunteered to landscape and tend to the owner’s new garden for two years free of charge, in exchange for accepting their offer on a property.

While viewing a potential property, a prospective buyer asked the agent to close and lock the front door behind them at the viewing. The agent later discovered this was because the viewer had brought the full asking price, in cash, in a gingham shopping trolley, hoping to make a deal there and then.

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One particularly impatient buyer couldn’t even wait to see their perfect property before putting down an offer. All she had was a description via email with the agent and a blurry video – she hadn’t even seen any photos!

A determined buyer offered £32,000 over the asking price to secure a property that was already under offer, to gazump the other party, while another offered £50,000 on top, when a vendor withdrew a house from the market.

In a desperate bid to get an offer accepted, one prospective buyer offered to pay a full 12-month tenancy for the sellers to go and rent somewhere else.

A potential buyer invited the vendor out for an indulgent dinner at an expensive restaurant, with the hope of cajoling them into accepting their offer on the property. It worked – winner, winner, chicken dinner!

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Another buyer took matters into their own hands and presented themselves on the doorstep of the seller asking to pay the deposit in full there and then, to secure the deal. Mark Hayward, chief executive, NAEA Propertymark, said: “Buying a home is a big financial investment and buyers want the process to go as smoothly as possible.

"We hear many bizarre stories about buyers trying to woo sellers in a desperate bid to secure the deal, but this is something that can be easily avoided. It’s important to build a relationship with your agent to help ensure you’re getting the best possible advice about your purchase.

"Experienced agents will anticipate any issues that could arise and prevent potential buyers from having to go to these extremes to secure an offer on their dream home.”

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