The Top Ten Beers of Wakefield Beer Festival

A city brewery has won the top prize at Wakefield Beer Festival.

Fernandes Brewery, on Avison Yard, came first in the festival goers’ choice with Black Voodoo at last weekend’s event.

Wakefield Beer Festival 2013

Wakefield Beer Festival 2013

Two other city brewers also made the chart at the Wakefield CAMRA organised event at The Space on Waldorf Way.

Tigertops, of Flanshaw, came fifth and Five Towns, of Outwood, was sixth.

Here are the top ten beers and tasting notes:

1. Fernandes, Black Voodoo. Black moreish beer with a chocolate, orangey, vanilla flavour coming through.

2. Brown Cow, Thriller in Vanilla Porter. A scrumptious rich porter brewed with fresh vanilla pods complimenting the complex dark malts.

3. Grafton, Apricot Jungle. A golden ale made from Challenger and Beata Hops and infused with Apricot, a unique fruit flavoured beer.

4. Grafton, Coco Loco. Dark Beer with a rich roast flavours infused with subtle taste of coconut.

5. Tigertops, Golden Hop. A 4.6% golden beer brewed in Flanshaw,

6. Five Towns, Five Years. A full-bodied 7% strong pale ale with tropical fruit flavours. Brewed in Outwood.

7. Enville, Ginger. A golden bright, gently gingered beer with no acute flavours but a satisfying aftertaste of sweet hoppiness.

8. Foxfield, Elusive Brown Ale. A gentle brown ale with some sweetness at the start, a rising bitterness in the middle and a gentle finish.

9. Riverhead, Sherbert Lemon. A light and refreshing lager-colour clear wheat beer flavoured with lemon grass & lime leaves.

10. The Rat, White Rat. A combination of three high alpha American hops produce an intensely aromatic & resinous finish.

We have compiled a slide show of last Thursday night’s session, which you can watch here.