Thief struck at new store

Trinity Walk development 1 week before opening 28/04/2011
Trinity Walk development 1 week before opening 28/04/2011

A SHOPLIFTER stole from the new Trinity Walk development a day after it opened.

Daniel Grzegorz Ungur, 28, has become the first person to be jailed for targeting the £210m shopping centre.

He was locked up for 18 weeks for pinching £90 worth of Hugo Boss fragrances from Debenhams at 2pm on Saturday.

Prosecutor Diane Gomersall told how Ungur made his way to the fragrance section and placed three bottles in a foil-lined bag.

He made his way to the exit but was stopped. The goods and bag were recovered.

Mrs Gomersall said: “He admitted he had made the foil-lined bag himself and had gone to the store intending to steal. If he hadn’t been caught he would have sold the fragrance at half-price.”

Ungur of Tavora Street, Wakefield, pleaded guilty to theft. He also admitted stealing £30 worth of chicken from Iceland on April 23 and £51.75 of Jack Daniels and lemonade from Morrisons on May 4.

He also pleaded guilty to failing attend the drug intervention programme.

Kim Foley, mitigating, asked the bench to keep the sentence as short as possible, saying Ungur would come out of jail with a clean slate.

She said he was addicted to heroin when he came to England three-and-a-half years ago, but wanted to free himself from drugs.

Magistrate Jacqueline Reape, passing sentence, said: “These were three offences in a very short space of time. They were also committed on bail. You have tested positive three times in a fortnight to cocaine and opiates.”