Thieves steal life rings from dangerous Horbury Lagoon

Horbury lagoon empty life belt stand
Horbury lagoon empty life belt stand

THIEVES have stolen two life saving rings from a dangerous deep water lagoon.

The life saving equipment was taken from Horbury Lagoon on Saturday night, just days after a community clean-up was carried out in the area.

Wakefield Council has replaced the rings and is now investigating the theft.

Glynn Humphries, Wakefield Council’s Service Director for Cleaner and Greener, said: “This reckless behaviour is very serious and puts lives at risk.

Mr Humphries also warned people not to swim in the lagoon.

He said: “We carry out regular checks to make sure that life rings and warning signs not to enter the water are in place. We also urge everyone to be aware of the dangers of swimming in places like this and we send out information at least once a year to try to dissuade people from being tempted to enter the water - particularly when the weather gets hotter.

“It’s extremely risky to swim in places that are not specifically-created for swimming. People have no idea what is lurking under the surface that can put them in real danger of drowning or severe injury. This is why having life rings available is so vitally important in times of emergency. I urge people to stay out and stay safe.” 

In 2007 a coroner warned Wakefield Council to increase the number of lifebuoys after Shaun Michael Hall, of Whinney Moor Avenue, Lupset, drowned aged 18. 

He had been swimming with friends before getting into difficulties in the deep water . 

His death followed those of Stuart Kemp , 19, in 1995 and  Denis Nadarevic, 16, in 2004 at the popular beauty spot, off Forge Lane. 

Anyone with any information should contact the council on 0845 8506506