This is what you have to say about plans to extend car parking at Pinderfields Hospital

You’ve been having your say on news of a car park extension at Pinderfields Hospital.

An application has been submitted to Wakefield Council to extend the car park near the new eye clinic area, by turning a grassed area into 47 extra spaces.

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The news has been met with mixed reaction on our Facebook page, with people believing even more spaces should be created at the hospital as well as free parking for staff and patients.

Alan Turner said: “How about making it cheaper too?” A comment that was agreed to by others who believed that staff and patients shouldn’t have to pay to park.

Christopher Hudson commented: “Shame no secure multi-storey carpark in original layout.”

Michael Heppenstall said: “47 extra spaces!! Nowhere near enough, 470 would be better.”

John Anderson said: “How much car parking does one place need? The area used currently looks more like a shopping centre than a hospital.”

Danielle Baker said: “I work at Pinderfields, I know people waiting over a year for a permit so clearly not enough even if we don’t all work at the same time.”

Chris Harrison added: “They must have just employed a genius who looked at the parking problem and figured out they needed more parking spaces. How many years did that take?”

Tanya Barnaby said: “You’d think some simple maths at the planning stage would work out how many staff and how many spaces plus 10% extra to allow visiting staff and growth? No reason a new build wouldn’t be fit for purpose if designed properly in the first place!”

Rachel Pollard said: “Probably put charges up. It’s disgusting that staff or patients visitors etc need to pay.”

Philip Watson: “Name just one private hospital that charges patients or staff to park?If they can manage it, why can’t the NHS?”

Vicky Brian said: “Took us 40 mins to get a spot on Thursday, it’s horrendous and expensive for parking too.”

Lisa Mason added: “Why can’t they build a car park on one of the many fields on the City Fields development or the derelict British Oak pub? I really feel for the hospital workers who can’t park. But irresponsibly parking on Aberford Road is just going to result in accidents.”

Diane Smith said:”It should be free. Staff and patients.”

Stephen Clark said: “Can we have a staff extension too, as there are major shortages there?”

To which Michelle Allerton replied: “You have got to be kidding, there’s loads of staff parking. What about the out patients and those with family members that can’t find a parking space for their appointments?”

Danielle Baker commented: “There isn’t loads of staff parking. I work at Pinderfields. There’s a queue of 700 people waiting to get a permit with one in and one out policy. How many permits do you think get handed back a week?”

What do you think to the plan? Should there be more spaces? Should they be free to staff and patients?