Three cases of superbug MRSA in new hospital

Pinderfields Hospital general view
Pinderfields Hospital general view

THREE cases of the deadly superbug MRSA were found in the new £300m Pinderfields Hospital during the past month.

Bosses at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust had a target of cutting cases of the infection to seven over the whole year for Pinderfields, Dewsbury and Pontefract hospitals.

But the latest three cases were recorded in April alone at Pinderfields Hospital, which opened last year.

At the trust board meeting yesterday, chief nurse Tracey McErlain-Burns said: “All I can do is reassure the board that we are intensely trying to understand why these cases occurred and how to prevent further cases.

“The question we are quite seriously asking ourselves currently is whether we need to test the competence of some of our clinical staff.”

Ms McErlain-Burns said there was no apparent link between the three cases.

Patients were swabbed when they came into the hospital and again after they had been there seven days, which went beyond national guidelines.

Rates of MRSA had reduced by 25 per cent last year at the trust, where there had been more than 60 cases in some previous years.

Another infection, clostridium difficile (C diff), had been cut significantly and a target had been set to cut it further this year.

Ms McErlain-Burns said the reductions in infection rates were partly down to treating patients in single rooms.

Trust chief executive Julia Squire said reductions have been made at a time when more patients with complex needs were being treated at the trust.

She told the meeting: “Our organisation has made a substantial reduction in the most nasty health care associated infections over the last five years. That is a massive achievement.”