Three injured in crash at ‘notorious’ Notton crossroads

Notton parish councillor Stephen Selby and Sandy Keany.
Notton parish councillor Stephen Selby and Sandy Keany.

A man was cut out of an overturned car after a crash near a “notorious” crossroad.

Three people were injured and taken to hospital after two cars collided on Bleakley Lane, in Notton, on Tuesday night.

A Fiat 500 ended up on its roof after the collision with a VW Golf outside the Oliver Twist pub at around 6.15pm.

The incident happened on the same stretch of road that claimed the life of 16-year-old Hannah Hunter, of Havercroft, of in October. She was killed and three other people seriously injured after a car they were travelling in hit a tree on Chevet Lane.

For the past 17 years Notton parish councillor Stephen Selby has been campaigning to get road signs put up, speed limits reduced and improvements made to road surfaces.

He says it is the worst road in Britain after his friend Tony Keany, 24, was knocked off his bike and killed by a speeding driver in 1995 and his uncle Vincent Harris died in a head-on collision in 2003. There were another two deaths close to Notton crossroads in 2009.

Coun Selby, 48, has had new signs put up, but says more needs to be done, adding: “We have to live in this community and listen to the regular sounds of crashes and emergency services and speak to the relatives affected by these crashes. We have had enough of it.”

The council’s highways network service manager Graham West said: “Following this recent incident and in line with our procedures, traffic officers will visit the crossroads and carry out a safety audit. The completed audit can be made available on request when completed. We want to reassure people we are doing all we can to make roads safer in the district but all road users play a major role in making Wakefield safe.”