#TimeForTheTruth - Family and Mary Creagh MP prepare to meet Prime Minister

MP Mary Creagh
MP Mary Creagh

On Monday the family of Robert and Christianne Shepherd will join forces with Mary Creagh MP to fight for their right to legal aid when they meet the Prime Minister.

They will present David Cameron with copies of the Express’ #TimeForTheTruth petition to show the strength of support for their case.

Robert and Christianne Shepherd

Robert and Christianne Shepherd

Robert and Christianne died in Corfu in 2006 from carbon monoxide poisoning while they were on a holiday that was booked through travel agent Thomas Cook.

An inquest into their deaths will be held next January - the first time the full facts of the tragedy will be heard in a British court.

But without legal aid the family cannot afford to be legally represented.

Ms Creagh said: “There is still a long way to go but meeting with the Prime Minister will be an important step forward in our fight for justice for Bobby and Christi.

“Last week I met with the Justice Minister to discuss the case. And on Tuesday night I received a call from Malcolm Bryant who is the head of exceptional funding at the Legal Aid Agency who wanted further information about the scope of the inquest.

“I know from talking to people that there is a huge amount of support for the children’s family in Wakefield and around the country. Let’s hope that Mr Cameron appreciates that and listens to the family when we meet on Monday and that the government overturns the discission not to grant legal aid.”

Almost 5,000 people have signed the online #TimeForTheTruth petition or sent in coupons from the paper.

Gavin Murray, Express news editor, said: “This is not the end of our campaign. We strongly believe that the family of Robert and Christianne should have legal aid to ensure that the inquest is as thorough and far-reaching as possible.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported the petition so far, but please keep up your support we need more people to sign the petition so can help the family finally learn the truth.”

“There is still long way to go and your support will help .”