Top food firms on television

Ella Riley's Toffe Shop will appear on a new show on the BBC.'Freya Sykes
Ella Riley's Toffe Shop will appear on a new show on the BBC.'Freya Sykes

THE firms behind some of the district’s finest foods are set to appear on national television.

Ella Riley’s Toffee Rolls, made in Horbury Bridge, Carlton’s Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb and Normanton-based Womersley Fruit and Herb Vinegars have all been filmed by the BBC Good Food channel.

They will appear on Market Kitchen: Big Adventure, a new series which sees presenter Allegra McEvedy travel the UK to find top-quality food and ingredients.

Pontefract Cakes, Wensleydale Cheese and Sheffield’s Henderson’s Relish also feature in the show after BBC producers were advised by food body Deliciousyorkshire.

Freya Sykes, director of Ella Riley’s Toffee and Traditional Sweet Shop, on Bridge Road, Horbury Bridge, said: “It was flattering to be asked to be in the show and Deliciouslyorkshire were instrumental in making it happen as they are promoting food businesses in the region.”

Food experts Jenny Handley and Sophie Waite will sample dishes cooked with ingredients from the featured businesses in the show, which will be screened in April.

Jenny Handley, marketing manager at Deliciouslyorkshire, said: “It is fantastic to get national airtime like this so we can really shout about Yorkshire food.

“Some foods from our region, such as Wensleydale Cheese and Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb from E Oldroyd, are so distinctive that they warrant special protection and have been awarded Protected Food Name status by the EU. These foods have a strong Yorkshire identity, produced using age old methods or ingredients exclusive to their place of origin, unmatched anywhere else in the world.”