Town claws jaws back in boundary changes

ROTHWELL'S jaw bones are back in town – it's official!

Boundary changes have placed the 150-year-old landmark back in Rothwell's ward, after two decades of being part of neighbouring Hunslet ward.

The Boundary Committee for England recommended new boundaries to the north-west of the town that will run along the M1.

Rothwell Lib Dem councillor Don Wilson, representing Rothwell, is pleased to see them back in their rightful place.

He said: "The jaw bones mark the entrance into Rothwell and it's been crazy that they haven't been part of the ward for the past 20 years. We're glad to see them back."

A set of whale jaw bones has been situated on Wood Lane, near its junction with the A61 Leeds Road, for more than 150 years.

Originally a local man working on a whaling boat out of Robin Hood's Bay put them there.

He took them from a whale caught in the Arctic and used them as a garden gate for his house on Wood Lane.

They have since been replaced five times to keep the history alive and currently there are 30ft-high blue whale bones in place.

Coun Wilson said: "This is a Rothwell landmark that for some reason had been taken out and put in the Middleton and Hunslet ward. Wood Lane was the dividing line between two wards and we are glad it is back in Rothwell."

The boundary committee has confirmed recommendations that the whole of the Robin Hood area will go into a new Ardsley and Robin Hood ward.

This will also include Ouzlewell Green, currently part of Rothwell, and separated from the rest of Lofthouse.

The new ward will take parts of the old Morley area and fit in between Rothwell and the two new Morley wards.

Coun Wilson said: "Next year there will be elections for all Leeds wards because they have quite dramatically changed. The Lib Dems in Rothwell are isolated, surrounded by Labour wards, and this new ward would be ideal for us."