'Atrocious' roundabout road on Ossett bypass to be relaid next year

Part of one of the Wakefield district's busiest roads is set to be resurfaced next year.

One of the roundabouts on the Ossett bypass, which was described as "atrocious" by one resident commenting on its quality, will be completely relaid, the council has said.

The works are expected to take place in the spring of next year.

The works are expected to take place in the spring of next year.

The roundabout connects the A638 with the B6128 and is located close to Gawthorpe Academy.

The scheme has been delayed previously, because of housing developments on the Kirklees side of the district's boundary.

The work is expected to be completed during the spring time.

Speaking at a meeting of town and parish clerks last Wednesday, Peter Daniels, from Crigglestone Parish Council said: "The road around the Ossett bypass is atrocious.

"As you come from the junction at Shawcross towards the motorway just off the roundabout, they fill the surface in, and then three weeks later they're back again.

"It's been like that for a few years."

In response, Martin Barnes, from Wakefield Council's highways department said: "There was a scheme in Kirklees where they had a development planned on the other side of that.

"We were waiting for Kirklees to do that.

"But hot off the press, there's a nice scheme being developed to resurface that whole roundabout for next year."

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