New 20mph zones: For and against - here’s what you think

The Wakefield district could see more 20mph zones on its roads.
The Wakefield district could see more 20mph zones on its roads.

News that new 20mph zones could be rolled out across the district has split the opinion of our readers.

Wakefield Council’s cabinet have met this morning to discuss the possibility of installing 20mph zones outside more schools, in densely-populated residential areas and town and city centre streets to help improve safety.

More 20mph zones could be installed in district’s ‘busy areas’
Wakefield Council first brought in 20mph schemes in the district 25 years ago and recent in-depth studies carried out elsewhere in England have indicated a range of health and well-being of benefits.

However, some suggest that 20mph zones are not enforceable and questions remain over their validity.

Here’s what you, our readers, are saying on our Facebook page:

Colin Smith agrees that there should be more slower zones. He said: “And also all housing estates.”

Mick Greensmith said: “All roads in front of schools should be a 20mph.”

But Sean Johnson said: “Schools don’t need a 20mph zone 24 hours a day.”

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Philip Watson commented: “I would suggest more crossing points but from what I have seen there’s not many who use them and just run across anywhere.”

Emma ‘Bob’ Wisdom added: “In theory, yes. But very few people actually do 20mph through them as it is.”

Michael Briggs said: “I agree with the 20mph speed limit! But I do think they should have different speeds, dependent on if it’s school hours or not. Because some have 20mph all year round.”

Glenn Riley said: “Also the no parking on zigzags out schools should be enforced. Both could be done with the camera vans, the revenue generated would pay for them.”

Christopher Hudson said: “Yes, but effective only at school times.”

But Andrew Nash said: “Yeah, why not - let’s just slow traffic down even more and create more congestion and pollution. Great idea. Why not ban cars entirely?”

Trevor Howard added: “Speed bumps are already in place, inconsiderate parking is the current problem.”

Helen Gilbank commented: “There should be no parking within quarter of a mile of all schools.”

Gillian Rigby said: “Unfortunately most drivers where we live don’t know the number 20! Drive like idiots!”

Mark Greenwood said: “Waste of money as most people don’t abide by it anyway.”

Nick Shields agreed but “Only if enforced.”

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Andrew Cooper said: “I know, let’s just ban cars and give everyone six days to change to a bicycle.”

Andrew Blake added: “By all means put more 20mph zones in, but don’t whinge about the pollution they cause. 20mph zones mean that cars have to run in a lower gear, which in turn means higher rpms, which in turn creates more pollution.

“Also I agree with the earlier post. Schools aren’t in operation 24/7 so why the need for a 24/7 limit?”

The issue is being discussed at this morning’s cabinet’s monthly meeting.

If the policy is approved the council would introduce 20mph schemes on a priority basis, which would be assessed on certain criteria including how it would reduce the risk of accidents and speed of traffic and improve the environment.

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Initial grant funding would also be sought.

*We’ll bring you news from the meeting when we have it.