Transport police urging people to stay safe at level crossings in Yorkshire

Officers from British Transport Police will be out in force over the next fortnight urging people to stay safe when using level crossings.

A series of awareness events are being organised across Yorkshire this month as part of the Operation Look initiative, including in York, Wakefield, Hull, Doncaster and Huddersfield.

And officers will be on hand with a Level Crossing Mobile Safety Vehicle, alongside Network Rail staff, at a series of crossings during the next two weeks.

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They will be giving information and advice about level crossing safety until November 26.

Police say that while the majority of offences at the crossings are committed by motorists, the force wants to make sure pedestrians are aware of the dangers too.

Inspector Michelle Wedderburn said, “We’ll be stepping up our activity during the next few weeks to ensure we speak to as many people as possible about using crossings safely.

People have just got into the habit of taking risks at the crossing and are jumping red lights, and this has to stop. There is no excuse for jumping the lights at a level crossing and the consequences of doing so could be fatal.

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“We are more interested in educating people and saving lives but we will also prosecute anyone who is caught jumping level crossing lights in the hope that this will make them think twice in future.“

Level Crossing Mobile Safety Vehicles are funded by Network Rail and operated by BTP officers. Each vehicle is equipped with CCTV facilities and ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology, and has access to the Police National Computer.