Got card in pocket – but no brass? The world’s your oyster

A new ‘Oyster card’-style system has been unveiled which will allow people to hop on buses and trains without paying in cash.

Metro hopes the new smart card service, which has been modelled on London’s transport card system, will result in less queuing and shorter journey times.

By next spring, people will be able to top up their new M-Cards online and use them on buses and trains on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.

Richard Soper, from West Yorkshire Ticketing Company, said: “The aim is to make travel as easy as possible for passengers and give as good value for money as we can, breaking down the barriers that might otherwise exist because of the fragmentation of bus operators.

“In time, people will be able to board a vehicle without prejudging the journey they will need to make throughout the day.”

Metro already runs the M-Card which offers young people aged between 11 and 16 half price fares. And in the autumn, weekly, monthly and annual M-Cards for adults will replace current travel cards.

From September, people will be able to buy the cards at any of the 700 shops across the region which have PayZone symbols, rather than just at Metro travel centres where they are sold at the moment.

Passengers just tap their M-Card on top of a scanner and they are ready to take a seat.

Passengers will still be able to pay cash for single, return and day tickets on buses and trains, at no extra cost.

The project is being funded by £5.18m from bus and train operators, £3.78m from Metro and £4.33m from the Department for Transport.