Stay safe - stay out of water

Wakefield Council has warned people not to put their lives at risk by swimming in ponds, lakes and flooded quarries.
Pugneys Country Park.Pugneys Country Park.
Pugneys Country Park.

Coun Maureen Cummings, cabinet member for Environment and Communities, advised people to use swimming pools or enjoy safe water sports at Pugneys Country Park.

She said: “It’s easy to be tempted into the water when the sun is shining but water that looks inviting on the surface may have hidden dangers underneath.

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Swimmers have no idea what is lurking under the surface that can put them in real danger of drowning or severe injury. Also, ponds, lakes and flooded quarries which seem pleasantly cool in the shallows can be dangerously cold when they get deeper.

“It’s extremely risky to swim in places that are not specifically-created for swimming.”

For a full list of council swimming pools visit