Trick or treat? Not here please

No trick or treating please. Police & NPT campaign.'w6767a143
No trick or treating please. Police & NPT campaign.'w6767a143

TRICK or treaters could be turned away empty handed from homes after police launched a new scheme to protect vulnerable and elderly people.

Thousands of youngsters are expected to dress up and take to the streets on Halloween night, to knock on doors and ask the traditional “trick or treat?”.

But after complaints from elderly and vulnerable residents the Central neighbourhood police team (NPT) has designed a poster telling visitors they are not welcome.

Last year police received reports of older teenagers asking people for money rather than the traditional sweets and monkey nuts.

Insp Richard Close, of Central NPT, said: “We’re going to visit vulnerable people and put posters up in their windows and give them advice.

“Mischief Night and Halloween are some of our busiest nights of the year. People don’t want knocks on their doors at 9pm or 10pm.

“It can frighten people, especially vulnerable and elderly people.”

He urged people out on Monday evening to pay attention to the posters and respect peoples’ wishes.

Extra patrols will be launched by officers from NPTs around the city to reassure people on both nights.

Similar schemes have proved effective in other parts of the country and police hope it will help to reassure people who are concerned about trick or treaters.

The posters sparked fierce debate on the Express facebook page with more than 50 comments from people either welcoming the poster initiate or disagreeing with it.

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For more information call West Yorkshire Police on 0845 6060606.