Twins attack paramedics

Court snatch Wakefield mags
Court snatch Wakefield mags

Teenage twins launched an “appalling” booze-fuelled assault on two paramedics who came to help them.

The terrified crew locked themselves in the ambulance for their own safety but it too was attacked.

A trial heard how paramedics Matthew Holden and Carly Shackleton were sent to help twin James Gardner, 19, who had collapsed at a house in Lime Pit Lane, Stanley late on November 12.

The paramedics were told the teenager was under the influence of drink and drugs.

Stephen Gardner helped Mr Holden escort his twin to the ambulance but he became impatient.

He wanted it to set off immediately and told the crew, who were checking the patient, they were “useless and needed an effing good kicking”.

He went on to punch Mr Holden, 37, on the chin. Patient James Gardner jumped up and appeared to join in.

Ambulance driver Miss Shackleton, 34, was punched in the stomach, which sent her sprawling and then punched in the ribs.

Miss Shackleton pressed the panic button and forced him out of the ambulance but he ripped off medical leads from his chest and threw them at her face.

Both paramedics then managed to push Stephen Gardner out of the ambulance and locked the doors before it too was attacked.

Assistant practitioner Miss Shackleton told the court: “It sounded like bricks or stones – quite heavy – because when the back doors shattered you could see glass shards coming into the ambulance.”

Stephen Gardner, of Canal Lane, Stanley, admitted assaulting Mr Holden, causing some of the damage and resisting arrest.

James Gardner, of the same address, denied assaulting both paramedics and causing criminal damage. He told officers he was 10 out of 10 on the police scale of drunkenness and couldn’t remember what had happened.

He was cleared of two of the charges but convicted of assaulting Miss Shackleton, who suffered a bad back and was off work for months.

Magistrate Julian Borkwood, passing sentence, said: “These paramedics were providing a public service. They were there to help. There was damage to emergency equipment, somebody else may have needed that equipment later on.”

The twins were sentenced to an eight-week curfew order from 7pm to 7am on Fridays and Saturdays. They must also attend the stop binge-drinking programme and each pay £250 in compensation.

A Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Any attacks on our staff are unacceptable and it is appalling that in this case two members of staff were attacked as they tried to help a patient.”