Union anger at wage cuts

Headshot of Unison boss Adrian O'Malley, chairman of Mid Yorkshire Health branch
Headshot of Unison boss Adrian O'Malley, chairman of Mid Yorkshire Health branch

INDUSTRIAL action could be called in a fight against plans to downgrade salaries and cut jobs at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust.

Public sector union Unison has accused bosses of targeting low paid female staff in a plan to downgrade the salaries of more than 180 workers and sack at least 35.

Staff could lose thousands of pounds a yearif their pay bands are altered after bosses carried out a cost-saving review of administrative and clerical roles.

Medical secretaries, admissions staff and receptionist could also be affected as Mid Yorkshire cuts costs to tackle a £26m deficit expected at the end of this financial year.

Adrian O’Malley, from Mid Yorkshire Unison, said the union was disputing the review.

He said: “It’s a kick in the teeth. These are our lowest paid women members.

“People will lose two or three thousand a year in salary but they have no control whatsoever over what’s going on in the boardroom.”

Hemsworth MP Jon Trickett said staff who did not cause financial problems at Mid Yorkshire were paying the price.

He said: “They have absolutely got to make some difficult decisions, but on the face of it it’s grossly unfair that ordinary people who have served the trust and patients loyally over many years are being punished financially.”

The trust said it was working to ensure redundancies were a last resort.

Graham Briggs, director of HR, said: “Our proposals are to review their pay banding and reduce the number of staff performing these roles.

“At this stage of the process no formal decisions have been made and we will be speaking to affected staff to discuss the possible changes in more detail.”