UPDATE: Fireworks could be reported '˜gunshot noises' in Pontefract, police say

Police have confirmed there is no evidence of a shooting in Pontefract after reports on social media.

Twitter users in the area claimed that an alleged shooting occurred in or around Valley Gardens before 10pm last night (Saturday).

Police in Pontefract released a statement which reads: “We would like to reassure all local residents that officers have checked this area and it would appear that [a shooting] has not taken place.

“Local officers are continuing to monitor the area, but please be assured that it remains open and safe for use.”

As well as the enquiries made last night, a team of officers have been back to the park this morning to conduct a further search in daylight and there was no evidence of anything having happened.

Police said that some residents described hearing what they believed to be fireworks in the area at the time of the report, which is believed to account for the gunshot noises reported.