UPDATED - Water leak leads to full closure of Knottingley Sports Centre

Knottingley Sports Centre has been temporarily closed after a water leak in the swimming pool damaged the electricity supply.
Knottingley swimming pool - earmarked for closure.
p302b405Knottingley swimming pool - earmarked for closure.
Knottingley swimming pool - earmarked for closure. p302b405

The pool, at Hill Top, has been closed since Thursday, January 15 as the damage meant it could not be heated. Now the leak has also affected the sports centre’s heating supply and a Wakefield Council spokeswoman said it had been forced to close the centre after a drop in temperatures.

Karen Collins, the council’s service director for culture and sport, said: “Unfortunately the water leak has affected the electricity so we cannot heat the pool. The problem has now affected the heating and due to a major drop in temperature we have had to temporarily close the leisure centre.

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“Our contractors are working hard to carry out the work as quickly as possible and are trying to source the necessary parts.

“As soon as the electricity has been repaired we will be able to reopen the leisure centre and can start reheating the pool. However it could up take up to 72 hours to get the pool water up to the right temperature so it is likely that the leisure centre facilities will open before the pool.

“We have had to cancel some swimming classes but are trying to find other venues for as many of the lessons as we can. We are also trying to let customers who use the leisure facilities know about the temporary closure and see if we can accommodate them elsewhere.

“I would like to thank customers for their patience and can assure them that we will try to get everything reopened as soon as possible, hopefully next week.”

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Contractors at the site are also investigating a separate leak in the children’s pool.

Coun Les Shaw, cabinet member for culture, leisure and sport, said: “I want to reassure everyone that we will reopen Knottingley Sports Centre and the pool as soon we can and ask people to bear with us whilst the necessary work is done.”