Vampire asks: ‘Fancy a bite?’

DON’T be too scared if a vampire stops you in the street and asks you about a bite to eat.

The fanged lady in the cape will be promoting national Meals on Wheels week along with a skeleton, a sailor and more aptly – a chef.

Workers will be doing a leaflet drop between 9am and 10.30am in the Cathedral precinct on Monday.

But the vampire, aka Gillian Watson, service co-ordinator for Wakefield Meals With Care, isn’t planning on visiting any clients in her frightening new garb. But drivers dressed as waiters may do.

Mrs Watson hopes the fancy dress theme will raise the profile of the available to all service and draw in potential volunteers.

If you would like to get a meal or would like to volunteer for the district-wide service then please call 01977 696840.