Vet saves Treacle the puppy after she eats massive morphine overdose

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The life of a puppy was saved by a vet after she ate a massive overdose of morphine.

Treacle, a 14-week-old Shih Tzu cross, from Normanton was rushed to Chantry Vets in Castleford after eating her owner’s mother’s morphine, taken to ease the pain for a serious medical condition Guillain-Barré syndrome.

The tiny pup was barely conscious after having taken up to 120 times the amount of morphine a dog can be safely given.

Treacle needed life-saving treatment to reverse the effects. The drugs were knocked off a chest of drawers, before the dog helped herself.

Castleford vet Alasdair McGuire, said: “It was touch and go. I thought there was a risk she would stop breathing, and the quick actions of the owners and veterinary team prevented this from happening.”

Owner Lyndsey Day said: “I was distraught but Alasdair was amazing and I can’t thank him enough.”