Video: Martial arts teacher Ary Hauer’s prank video goes viral

A video of martial arts teacher Ary Hauer playing a prank on his wife has gone viral.

Mr Hauer, who runs the Chuldow Martial Arts Academy, recorded himself at home, pretending to be electrocuted by his wife Sarah.

Ary Hauer's prank video

Ary Hauer's prank video

And the prank has racked up nearly a million views on YouTube since it was uploaded last week.

Mr Hauer said he posted the video on his Facebook page and had no idea it had been put on YouTube.

He said: “I went into the bank and someone said ‘I’ve just seen you on YouTube’,

“I said ‘do you mean Facebook?’ and they said ‘no, YouTube’.

“I don’t know who uploaded the video but it got 300,000 hits in just one day.”

Mr Hauer said he often played tricks on his wife.

He added: “I’ve done quite a few. On April Fool’s Day Sarah was sleeping in the car so I pulled up in a tractor, revving the engine and beeping the horn. Just lots of daft stuff like that, really.”