VIDEO: Moment heroic shopkeeper fought off sword-wielding raider at store

This is the moment a heroic shopkeeper fought off a masked sword-wielding raider at a convenience store.

Mahesh Patel was behind the counter at Patel Off Licence on George Street, Streethouse, at about 7.50pm on Monday.

Hemlata and Mahesh Patel outside Patel Off Licence on George Street, Streethouse.

Hemlata and Mahesh Patel outside Patel Off Licence on George Street, Streethouse.

A masked man armed with a samurai sword burst into the store, threatened Mr Patel and demanded cash.

The raider, carrying a white and blue plastic bag, tried to walk around the counter towards the till.

But the shop owner took matters into his own hands by grabbing the weapon and disarming the man.

Mr Patel, 52, said: “I was not scared at all. At the moment in time I wanted to protect my wife who was in the back of the store.

“I took a step back when he came at me but my instinct was to grab the sword.”

Mr Patel shouted for his wife, Hemlata, who ran from the back room in the shop and she also grabbed the weapon.

She said: “The first thing I saw was my husband fighting with the man so I just tried to help.

“He tried to point the sword at me but all I wanted to do was try and protect my husband.”

After wrestling with the raider for around 20 seconds, the couple disarmed him and he fled the store.

Mrs Patel, 50, said: “My mum and two children were in the back of the shop when it happened.

“I am proud of how brave my husband was.”

The couple both suffered cuts to their hands and were left shaken by the incident.

They reopened the store the following day and were visited by concerned members of the community.

Mrs Patel said: “Everyone has been in to see us and they have been really supportive. We want to get back to normal.”

Police said the suspect had his face covered and was wearing dark clothing.

Anyone with information should call Wakefield CID on 101.