VIDEO: Swarms of “Ronaldo” moths could be set to invade UK

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After starring in the drab European Championship final in France and landing on superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s face, swarms of moths could be set to invade the UK in the next 24 hours.

A huge swarm plagued the Stade de France on Sunday night after being attracted by the stadium’s floodlights which had been left on overnight.

But according to the Independent, the reason the moths were in Paris in the first place is down to their annual migration that covers hundreds of miles, and will soon reach the UK.

The Sliver Ys - so named because of the silvery shape that appears on each of their wings - can’t survive cold winters so they spread northwards during springtime, from the uppermost tip of Africa and southern Spain all the way to north Scotland. Then, as summer turns to autumn, they migrate back down to the warmer climes of the south.

In September last year Britain was invaded by massive palm-sized moths from the continent which were being carried over on warm winds.

The massive Convolvulus Hawk-moths were attracted by tobacco and alcohol.