VIDEO: The Yorkshire Prose performs his own version of festive classic - in Asda

Master of the Yorkshire dialect, Ben Taylor, aka the Yorkshire Prose, has written his own version of a festive classic, Twas the Night Before Christmas.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 22nd December 2016, 10:42 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:01 pm
Ben Taylor, The Yorkshire Prose.
Ben Taylor, The Yorkshire Prose.

The witty poet, who has racked up thousands of views on YouTube since his emergence in early November, has written a special, Yorkshire version of the Christmas Eve poem, It wo t’neyt affoar Christmas, and recited it in his local Asda in Wakefield whilst doing his Christmas shop.

Ben Taylor, The Yorkshire Prose, said: “The Yorkshire dialect is a thing of beauty and what better way to celebrate it than to recite the Yorkshire version of It wo t’neyt affoar Christmas.

“The thought came to me as I was doing my Christmas shop at Asda so I recorded it there and then. I hope all the Yorkshire children enjoy having my version read to them on Christmas Eve.”

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The full Yorkshire lyrics are as follows:

It wo t’neyt affoar Christmas

And all through t’ouse

Norra creature wo stirring

Not even a mouse.

Allt bairns i’bed dreaming

What Santa might bring

Spogs n spice

n toys fit for a king.

Me wife a kip too

She’d bin at it while late

Art shopping fot snap

For us lot t’ate.

Bahh she does a good job

Preppin dinner for hours

A dunt knaw are she does it

She must a super powers.

A thowt ad just check

At what wo int fridge

Oooh Christmas pie

I’ll just ev a smidge!

A went and et it at table

Leaving St nicks mince pie

Though, I supped his sherry

A dint want im to drink drive!

A looked rahnd t’room

At tinsel all ovvert oil

N oped a wunt be left

Wi just a lump a coil.

N that’s when I urd it

A clattering art side

N when a flung oppent curtains

Tha weynt believe worra spied!

A gret group a reindeer!

And Rudolphs red nose

Wi a sleigh fulla presents

And Santa in tow!

He squeezed darnt chimney

Wi just enough room

And I slipped arta sight

Norra moment too soon

His cheeks wo rosy

N is beard wo white

N is Ho Ho hooo

Filled stockings wi delight

I heard im troughing

So rahnd t’corner a peered

And he turned n smiled

Wi pie crumbs in is beard

He wo back off up chimney

Wi a nod n a wink

Ah toddled off to bed

After another stiff drink

Ahh wo appy as can be

As a drifted off snoring

Knowing me famli ud be smiling

That next Christmas morning.