Video: Wakefield grandfather’s heart attack rescue by Yorkshire Ambulance Service filmed by BBC’s Helicopter Heroes

Chris Solomons
Chris Solomons
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A video showing a grandfather’s dramatic heart attack rescue has become an internet hit.

Chris Solomons, of Outwood, was working as an emergency medical dispatcher for Yorkshire Ambulance Service when he collapsed after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The 51-year-old and his colleagues were being filmed for BBC’s Helicopter Heroes series at the time.

The grandfather-of-three has gone on to make a full recovery and his rescue has been watched by thousands of people on You Tube.

He has now joined up with the Hearts & Goals campaign, which is being run by Arrhythmia Alliance, in partnership with ex-footballer Fabrice Muamba.

Mr Solomons said: “Looking back I realise just how lucky I was and now I have recovered I really want to do something good from it.

“I want to raise awareness of this issue and help people understand how important defibrillators are. I know because one helped save my life.

“I just couldn’t believe the response the video has got, it has been absolutely amazing and I have had people from all over the world commenting and contacting me on the back of it.

“Watching the footage back is still surreal and at first it was really hard. It just brings it home to me how lucky I was.”

Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba was inspired to raise awareness after he famously suffered a career-ending cardiac arrest during a match last year.

Mr Solomons will take part in a charity bike ride from Granary Wharf to Bingley on Sunday to raise money for the campaign, which promotes the need for lifesaving automated external defibrillators (AEDs).

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