VIDEO: Watch the moment iconic pit tower is blown up at mothballed Yorkshire colliery

The last remaining surface building at a former pit in Yorkshire has been demolished using explosives.

Tower One at the Kellingley Colliery site near Ferrybridge was a well-known local landmark along with another pithead structure, Tower Two, which was demolished last autumn.

Emotional miners gather for 'heartbreaking' demolition of Kellingley Colliery's Tower Two
The 'blow down' of the tower on Monday brings the curtain down on a key part of the industry - as Kellingley had been the country's last deep mine before its closure in 2015.

Development of Kellingley Colliery site to begin in 2019
Local contractors Demolition Services Limited were hired to clear the site, and began work in the spring of 2016.

They have used controlled explosions to remove buildings on the 151 acres of colliery land.

The firm has also been contracted for works including asbestos removal and land decontamination before planned redevelopment of the area can start. Coalfields regeneration specialists Harworth Group have allocated the estate for industrial use and will be marketing it to manufacturing and distribution companies.

Hundreds of jobs promised for former Kellingley Colliery site
One ex-miner even said that he had had the 'twin towers' tattooed onto his leg after being made redundant from his workplace of 34 years.