Wakefield among most improved cities: Here’s what YOU think

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News that Wakefield made the list of most improved cities and towns got our readers talking.

As the Express reported last week, Wakefield and Castleford are among the most improved cities and towns in the UK for ‘good growth’ according to a new report.

READ: Wakefield and Castleford among most improved cities and towns in the UK

But readers were quick to comment on the news, the vast majority wondering where in Wakefield those who wrote the report were looking!

Carl Beaumont said: “The only growth I see is in the homeless population.”

June Moreland added: “Going down the pan super quick.”

Sharon Wright said: “So which city did they pretend was Wakefield for this report? They have clearly not been to Wakefield town itself!”

Jean Misiakowski said: “I’m sick and tired of going to the Ridings, from Kirkgate entrance, where most of the shops have closed down and the posters on the empty shops say something exciting is going to come. It must of been saying that for at least two years.”

Vanessa Hunter added: “Wakefield improved city? Who are they trying to kid!! Have they walked round town recently? It’s full of empty shops and the ones that aren’t empty are either coffee shops or pound shops. The Ridings is non existent. Fabulous improvements, not.”

Russell Oakley commented; “Cor blimey, things must be really really bad elsewhere.”

Sally Hurst said: “No words! Literally, no words! Shakes head in utter disbelief!”

Bill Batley said: “That’s why most of the shops are empty and we have no market.”

Stu Jones said: “Good growth? Good grief, more like.”

Amanda Sandham added: “Which bit were they looking at? No market, no independent shops, pubs closing at an alarming rate, empty buildings to go with the council’s empty promises.”

Mary Swindenn said: “That’s great, but half the high street units are closed so I don’t get how.”

Heather Bartle said: “Come on, all of you who have written negatives on this post, have you ever NOT bought anything on-line or at the large supermarkets recently? Gone are the days when you CAUGHT a bus into town and did the weekly shopping, carrying it back home in carrier bags. The shops shut because the LANDLORDS and PROPERTY OWNERS ask for high rentals; the market stalls close because we no longer shop in this way.”

What do you think? Do you agree with their comments? How do you think the city centre could be improved?