Wakefield artist captures views of her home city in pen and ink

A Wakefield artist, who exhibited her work earlier this year as part of the Wakefield ArtWalk has seen a huge demand for her sketches after featuring them on her Facebook page.

Seanna Doonan, 34, who works predominantly in pen and ink, has been recording the past and present of her home city along with all its changes. She said: “I am interested in the memories and views of others regarding the changing shape of Wakefield and the relationship that locals feel towards their new environment compared to the old.

“For instance, certain areas of the city hold a great deal of nostalgia. Places such as the old market have an enduring connection to the people of Wakefield along with a communal sadness that it no longer exists.”

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Seanna also has a long-term love of children’s illustration and has created dozens of pieces for schools, libraries and private projects.

She studied illustration at the University of Huddersfield and holds a Masters in authorial illustration from the University of Falmouth.

More details at seannadoonanillustration.com or Facebook - search for Seanna Doonan Illustration.