Wakefield beauty salon offering free bikini waxes to women who have a smear test

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A beauty salon is offering free bikini waxes to women who have a smear test in February or March.

Bluebelle Nail & Beauty Studios, in Crofton, will offer free treatments between February 26 and March 2 to anyone who shows confirmation of their appointment.

The salon has adopted the policy at the suggestion of Katie Cheesman, who was concerned that fewer women were attending the vital tests.

Lucy Stevens, 29, who owns the salon, said: “We have clients that attend before their smear test so I knew this would encourage women to attend.

“We are so pleased to help and hope it raises awareness of the importance of smear tests.”

Katie, 34, who works as a nurse practitioner and community matron, contacted Bluebelle to ask if they would support her in encouraging women to attend the checks.

A smear test, also known as a cervical screening test, checks the health of the cells in the cervix. Regular testing is the best way to pick up any abnormal cells that could later turn into cervical cancer.

Katie said that fewer people had been attending smear tests in recent years, as the so-called Jade Goody effect faded.

The reality TV star died of cervical cancer in 2009, but had been vocal about her diagnosis in the months before her death. Her experience prompted thousands of women to book and attend smear tests.

But numbers have started to fall in recent years. Katie hopes that incentives such as this will encourage women to book tests.

She said: “I was asking my friends why don’t they go, and some are embarrassed or have had bad experiences with equipment in the past.

“People should not be tunnel visioned about this. This is much less invasive or embarrassing or time consuming then any treatment they may need to have if they become unwell.”

Contact Bluebelle Beauty Studios on 01924 862 223.