Wakefield Council pledges to help refugees

Wakefield Council says it will continue to offer refuge to families fleeing the on-going conflict in Syria.

Millions of people have been trying to escape the war by fleeing to refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford MP Yvette Cooper has called for the country’s cities to take 10 refugee families each.

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And Wakefield Council leader Peter Box said they will continue to offer a safe haven to families fleeing the conflict.

He said: “The suffering of these families as they are forced by horrific conflict to flee their homes and lives in Syria is unimaginable.

“We have a strong legacy here in Wakefield of offering a safe haven to those in desperate circumstances and I can assure people that we will not falter when we are needed the most.

“I am proud that Wakefield, the city and the district will always stand up and be counted when people need help.

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“I am calling on the government to ensure they step up and play their part to ensure this country continues the tradition of offering sanctuary.

“I will also be seeking assurance that they will provide support and funding for local councils to help us open our communities to the refugees.”

To find out more about helping refugees log onto www.wow247.co.uk/2015/09/03/refugee-crisis-europe.