Wakefield hairdressers praised by Ofsted inspectors

Philips Training Academy celebrates
Philips Training Academy celebrates

A HAIRDRESSING academy which produces results beyond the national average has been praised by government inspectors.

Ofsted gave Philips Training Academy an overall rating of good with some aspects, including quality of provision, judged as outstanding.

In his report, inspector Tim Gardner said 14 per cent more pupils finished their courses on time compared with the national average.

He said: “The teaching, training and assessment at Philips are excellent. Well-qualified staff, with recent and up-to-date industry experience, deliver high quality training and assessment.

“The review of each learner’s progress is outstanding. Learners are clear about what they have still to complete and achieve.

“Philips makes good use of its partnerships with salons and employers to support learners. It provides learners with excellent care, guidance and support while they are on the training programme, meeting a wide range of needs.”

This year more than 170 apprentices have enrolled at the academy, based on Providence Street and at another site in Leeds.

Mandi Hartney, Philips Academy principal, said: “It’s undoubtedly the best way to learn your craft.

“They get the best of both worlds, high quality training off-the-job combined with salon experience and excellent on-the-job support in your salon.”

The Ofsted inspection took place over four days in November.

The Philips team celebrated the result at their annual awards night on Wednesday.

Owner Philip Dickinson said: “This industry is one of the most exciting to be in at the moment. Hairdressing always comes out near the top of surveys into worker happiness and it has the added bonus of being largely recession proof due to its provision of the feel-good factor.

“Mandi and her team do an amazing job in producing the next generation of stylists and it’s great to see the enjoyment and enthusiasm shown by the learners.”