Wakefield joins campaigners across the country in protest against Trump visit

Protest in Wakefield against Donald Trump's visit to the UK.
Protest in Wakefield against Donald Trump's visit to the UK.

Demonstrators gathered in Wakefield city centre today (Friday) in opposition to President Donald Trump's visit to the UK.

Members of unions and campaign groups gathered in the Bull Ring with banners and placards to object Mr Trump's policies and his invitation to the country.

Protester Charles Elliott said: "He is dangerous to this country and dangerous the world. The people here are not 'the usual suspects' - we are from all walks of life, a broad spectrum of the people, and we are saying 'no' to Trump."

Leda Prest said: "Wakefield is standing up and peacefully protesting against Islamophobia, racism and misogyny."

Paul Jowitt, a campaign manager for Wakefield Labour, said: "How does he spout his anti-immigrant propaganda and dare to come here and tell us that we have got it wrong?

"We are proud of our multicultural society."

Coun Olivia Rowley said: "We have seen what fantastic ambassadors our England national team have been on the world stage compared to this visit from a loutish and disrespectful president."

The protest was organised by Wakefield Stand Up to Racism, Unite, Unison and other groups, who joined thousands across the country in opposition to Mr Trump's visit.