Wakefield MP Mary Ceagh tweets Wildcats stadium date

Newmarket Lane stadium and business units plans
Newmarket Lane stadium and business units plans

WAKEFIELD Trinity Wildcats fans have just over 100 days to wait before the fate of its new stadium is decided.

Plans to build a community stadium, which could home the Super League club, along with business units near Stanley are currently being considered by the government.

A planning inspector collected evidence for and against the Newmarket Lane development during a 12-day public inquiry in December.

He is due to make a recommendation to the secretary of state for communities and local government Eric Pickles in March.

This week Mr Pickles wrote to interested parties to say he will make his final decision by the end of May.

Wakefield MP Mary Creagh, who is in favour of the development, was the first to reveal the date via Twitter.

On Monday she tweeted: “Received letter from Planning Inspectorate. Decision on Newmarket Community Stadium “on or before 30 May 2012”.”

Wildcats chief executive James Elston, who told the inquiry the club could fold if the stadium plans were refused, said he only found out about the date through Ms Creagh’s tweet.

Developer Yorkcourt Properties claim the site, which includes warehouses, business units, community stadium, multi-use games area, restaurant and a 120-bed hotel, could provide 2,000 jobs and an economic boost to the city of at least £130m.

Planning permission was approved by Wakefield Council in December 2010, but was called in by the government as the site is on green belt land, prompting the inquiry.

Mr Pickles has to decide whether the need for a new stadium and extra jobs outweighs the loss of green belt land and possible effect on nearby communities.