Wakefield MP Mary Creagh pulls Blonde in the Strangers’ Bar

Mary Creagh MP pulls a pint of Yorkshire Blonde
Mary Creagh MP pulls a pint of Yorkshire Blonde

WAKEFIELD MP Mary Creagh turned barmaid this week in Parliament to promote a blonde beer from award-winning Ossett Brewery.

The shadow environment secretary arranged for Yorkshire Blonde to be the guest ale of the week in the Strangers’ Bar at Westminster.

She asked for the beer to be hosted after earlier touring the brewery in Low Mills Yard and meeting Ossett’s chairman Bob Lawson.

Ms Creagh had the honour of pulling the first pint. She said: “I’m delighted MPs will have the chance to try one of the country’s best beers. As a young brewery, Ossett has gone from strength to strength and cemented its place at the front of the real ale revolution which is gripping Britain.

“I’ve been telling my colleagues to get down and try it. It’s fantastic, the only question is: do we have enough?”

The beer, first brewed in 2010, has quickly become Ossett Brewery’s most popular ale. Yorkshire Blonde uses a high proportion of lager malt and American Mount Hood hops, which are also used in many lagers.

Ossett’s sales manager Andy Pollard said: “We’re proud that our MPs will have the opportunity to be refreshed with Yorkshire Blonde over the next couple of weeks. There are more brewers in God’s own County that any other part of the country and we believe Yorkshire Blonde is a great example of the brewing talent that exists in Yorkshire”.