Wakefield parachutist killed after jumping from aeroplane

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A MAN fell to his death after he parachuted out of a plane.

Experienced parachutist Peter Hahnefeld was killed last Thursday, August 16, while completing a jump at Hibaldstow Airfield near Scunthorpe.

Humberside Police launched an investigation into the death of Mr Hahnefeld, 60, of St John’s Square, Wakefield.

A Humberside Police spokesman said: “An initial investigation was carried out which revealed no suspicious circumstances, so a file has been prepared for the coroner’s office.

“Our thoughts go out to the family of the deceased at this very sad time.”

Mr Hahnefeld used his St John’s Square apartment as a base when he was in the area.

His landlord David Littleboy said: “He was one of our best tenants really, he paid the rent but we never saw him. He was a very pleasant chap to speak to.”

Mr Hahnefeld’s death is also being investigated by the British Parachute Association. (BPA)

Noel Purcell, centre chief instructor at Skydive Hibaldstow, said: “Basically it was a low turn which resulted in a hard impact with the ground.

“The impact to the ground gave him severe injuries. The emergency services and air ambulance came quickly to the scene. He was taken away and pronounced dead at Hull Royal Infirmary.”

The British National Skydiving Championships, set to take place at the airfield over the next two weekends, will still go ahead as planned.

An inquest was opened on Monday in North Lincolnshire. But it was adjourned pending the outcome of further enquiries.

Coroner’s officer Martin Armstrong said: “He was an extremely experienced parachutist.” Tony Butler, technical officer at the BPA, also said Mr Hahnefeld was a “very experienced parachuter”.