Wakefield Prison nurses trial latest - love letters, photographs and weapons found during searches

Wakefield prison
Wakefield prison

PHOTOGRAPHS of a prison nurse accused of having a sexual relationship with a convicted rapist at HMP Wakefield were found hidden in a bag of sugar along with a love letter, a jury heard today.

Prison nurse Karen Cosford, 47, is accused of having a sexual relationship with Brian McBride at the maximum security Love Lane jail.

Leeds Crown Court heard she and three others, who all worked in the healthcare unit, turned a blind eye to him having a mobile phone.

Cosford, Carolyn Falloon, Jacqueline Flynn and David Sunderland are all accused of misconduct in a public office.

This morning the jury were told that after a number of searches a crude weapon made of two razor blades and a mobile phone charger wrapped in medical tape were found in McBride’s cell.

The search team also found three passport style photographs of Cosford, sim cards, and phone numbers hidden in a bag of sugar in the health unit’s kitchen - which McBride and Cosford both had access to.

Prosecutor Richard Wright read the handwritten letter - which was not signed or addressed to anyone - to the jury.

It said: “My heart sank when you didn’t reply to my text messages. I really thought it was the end. I felt happy and elated when I first saw you when I got back to work, such a wonderful and warm feeling inside when I knew you were okay.

“I can’t wait for us to continue this relationship out of the confines of this place.”

The letter ended by saying “I’m committed to this one hundred per cent don’t ever forget that. I love you dearly with all my heart”, and it was signed with a number of kisses.

Cosford, of Marston Walk, Altofts, denies three charges of misconduct in a public office.

She claimed to police she was raped and blackmailed by McBride.

But the prosecution say she was a “willing participant in the relationship.”

The court earlier heard that McBride was an accomplished liar and fantasist who portrayed himself as being significantly wealthy outside of prison.

He had regular access to the defendants in his prison approved job as a cleaner at the healthcare unit.

The jury were told the defendants had a position of special trust and responsibility who had been trained to maintain appropriate professional standards.

Carolyn Falloon, 50, of Manor Crescent, Walton, denies three counts of misconduct, Jacqueline Flynn, 46, of The Leys, South Kirkby, denies two misconduct counts, and David Sunderland, 49, of Millcroft Lofthouse, denies one misconduct charge.

The trial continues.