Wakefield Prison trial latest - nurses ‘smoked in rapist’s cell’

THREE Wakefield Prison nurses accused of misconduct would go for a cigarette in the cell of a convicted rapist, a court heard.

Karen Cosford, 47, who is alleged to have had a consensual sexual relationship with lifer Brian McBride, was seen in his cell along with colleagues Carolyn Falloon, 50, and Jacqueline Flynn, 46.

Giving evidence at Leeds Crown Court yesterday, senior prison officer Donald Pino said staff would smoke in prisoners’ cells if they had the opportunity. He identified the three lady defendants as smokers in McBride’s cell.

Mr Pino also told the court how McBride would interact with co-accused David Sunderland, 49, who was a non-smoker.

Giving evidence, he said: “Mr Sunderland appeared to give him more leeway than he would any other prisoner.”

He added: “If Mr McBride went to the local hospital for appointments Mr Sunderland would go, he wouldn’t do that for any other prisoner.”

Giving evidence health care prison officer Alan Darby said McBride, who worked as a cleaner in the health care unit, seemed to be more comfortable with the female members of staff.

He added: “From my point of view he would stand and talk to them more. He would be more relaxed with them than if they were male members of staff.”

He was asked which ones and replied: “Carolyn, Jackie and Karen.”

Mr Darby added: “He seemed to be more confident in their company and they in his.”

Earlier the court heard about “love messages” sent by Cosford to McBride.

Cosford claims she was forced to send text messages and letters because she feared for her and her family’s safety.

The prosecution claim the relationship was consensual in “gross breach of the trust placed in her”.

Cosford, Falloon, Flynn and Sunderland, who all worked in the healthcare unit, are accused of misconduct in a public office.

Cosford, of Marston Walk, Altofts, denies three charges, Falloon of Manor Crescent, Walton, denies three counts of misconduct, Flynn, of The Leys, South Kirkby, denies two misconduct counts, and Sunderland of Millcroft, Lofthouse, denies one misconduct charge.

The trial continues.