Wakefield record label Philophobia Music turns five years old this week

Philophobia-signed band 'imp' play The Hop, Wakefield, 18th June 2011
Philophobia-signed band 'imp' play The Hop, Wakefield, 18th June 2011

A record label which has helped to push the city’s wealth of talent into the limelight celebrated its fifth birthday this week.

Philophobia Music hosted its first gig, featuring Napoleon III and Mi Mye at the Lounge Bar, in February 2008.

And in July that year, owner Rob Stokes had secured the label’s debut release, a double A-side by Lapels, featuring Painted Skeletons and Last Great Civilisation.

Since then the label has helped to promote a range of local talent, including The Spills, Runaround Kids and Tiny Planets.

Mr Stokes, of Manygates, said he used to work with the Louder Than Bombs label, but wanted the freedom that would come with running his own outfit.

He said: “I wanted to start with a fresh slate.

“I started working with the Lapels and things just evolved from there. Before I knew it I was working with quite a lot of local bands.

“I had never planned to create a solely Wakefield label, but it just so happened that there was an incredible wealth of talent on my doorstep that nobody else seemed to have picked up on.

“That has started to change now though, and people are stubling upon our music.

“The idea has always been to give local bands increased exposure, and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well the label has done.”

Mr Stokes said a free all-day event at The Hop, featuring around 10 of the Philophobia bands, would take place on Easter Sunday.

There is also a 50 per cent discount running on the label’s catalogue to celebrate its birthday - visit www.philopho