Wakefield’s £4.25m road repair plan

14th Febuary 2011.'council staff filling in potholes as part of a feature .' Pictured: Graham West'LOCATION: Stanley Street, Eastmoor, Wakefield''Picture: MATTHEW PAGE
14th Febuary 2011.'council staff filling in potholes as part of a feature .' Pictured: Graham West'LOCATION: Stanley Street, Eastmoor, Wakefield''Picture: MATTHEW PAGE

A £4.25 million project will repair and protect roads across the district.

About 75 miles of roads will be resurfaced within the next year if Wakefield Council’s cabinet committee approves the scheme on Tuesday.

And a further £3m would be invested during the next three years.

Coun Denise Jeffery, deputy leader with responsibility for regeneration and economic growth, said road investment was vital to the local economy.

She said: “We review the highway work programme every year and allocate our resources to where they are needed most, along with carrying out regular safety and conditions checks on all roads and pavements.

“We do have to prioritise because we have a limited budget, but we are investing as much as we can in keeping our roads in good order and making sure they are as safe and accessible as possible for everyone who uses them.”

The roads listed below will have certain stretches treated as part of the scheme.

Key to treatments being carried out

SD - Surface Dressing

Seals the surface to stop water seeping into the road. Hot bitumen is sprayed on the surface and chippings are rolled in. Temporary speed limits of 20mph are applied to reduce the risk of damage from loose chippings. Road surface is swept to remove excess chippings after treatment.

TS - Thin Surfacing

Seals the surface to stop water seeping into the road. A cold-applied material made up from bitumen, stone and synthetic fibres. Interaction with traffic afterwards evens out and smooths the surface.

PR - Plane and Resurface

Used where surface needs replacing. Old surface is replaced with new material. It is laid hot so it needs some time to cool before traffic can use it. Provides increased and improved skidding resistance.

RT - Retread

Used where surface needs replacing. Top 75mm of road is pulverised and remixed with fresh bitumen emulsion to make a material that can be regraded and rolled to form revitalised pavement. Surface is then sealed with surface dressing. When used in urban areas the process is then fully completed a year later with thin surfacing.

Altofts Lodge Drive, Altofts: RT

High Street, Altofts: RT

Parker Avenue, Altofts: RT

Birkwood Road, Altofts: TS

Church Road, Altofts: TS

Priory Close, Altofts: TS

Hudson Avenue, Notton: RT

The Oval, Notton: RT

A638 Doncaster Road, Crofton: SD

C124 Navvy Lane, Ryhill: SD

C124 Notton Lane, Ryhill: SD

Oakenshaw Lane, Walton: SD

Elmwood Avenue, Walton: TS

Greenside, Walton: TS

Hare Park View, Crofton: TS

Manor Close, Walton: TS

Manor Crescent, Walton: TS

Manor Garth, Walton: TS

Nostell Lane, Ryhill: TS

Shay Lane, Walton: TS

Springhill Avenue, Crofton: TS

Dovecote Lane, Horbury: RT

Manor Road, Horbury: RT

A642 Bridge Road, Horbury Bridge: SD

Westfield Road, Horbury: TS

Back Church Lane, Normanton: PR

Market Street, Normanton: PR

Dodsworth Crescent, Normanton: RT

Kirkthorpe Lane, Kirkthorpe: SD

Warmfield Lane, Kirkthorpe: SD

Alexandra Drive, Normanton: TS

Attlee Street, Normanton: TS

Favell Avenue, Normanton: TS

Hill Top View, Normanton: TS

Queen Elizabeth Drive, Normanton: TS

Queensway, Normanton: TS

Woodhouse Crescent, Normanton: TS

Bridle Lane, Ossett: RT

Springstone Avenue, Ossett: RT

A638 Ossett Bypass, Ossett: SD

Storrs Hill Road, Ossett: SD

A638 Wakefield Road / M1 J40R: TS

B6129 Dale Street, Ossett: TS

Dewsbury Road, Ossett: TS

Prospect Road, Ossett: TS

Queen Street, Ossett: TS

A642 Aberford Road, Stanley: SD

North Avenue, Wakefield: PR

Elvey Street, Eastmoor: RT

Shepley Street, Eastmoor: RT

Smirthwaite Street, Eastmoor: RT

Brunswick Street, Wakefield: TS

Manygates Avenue, Portobello: TS

Barstow Square, Wakefield: PR

Kensington Road, St Johns: PR

Andrew Street, Wakefield: TS

Balne Avenue, New Scarborough: TS

Beech Avenue, Alverthorpe: TS

Benjamin Street, New Scarborough: TS

Charlotte Street, Wakefield: TS

Cheapside, Wakefield: TS

Cyprus Street, Wakefield: TS

George Street, Wakefield: TS

Marygate, Wakefield: TS

Peacock Avenue, Alverthorpe: TS

Sycamore Avenue, Alverthorpe: TS

Thornhill Street, Wakefield: TS

Trinity Church Gate, Wakefield: TS

Union Square, Wakefield: TS

A636 Red Kite Roundabout, Durkar: PR

Wood Lane, Middlestown: RT

A636 Denby Dale Road, West Bretton: SD

A637 Bar Lane, Midgley: SD

Glenfields Close, Netherton: TS

Highfield Crescent, Overton: TS

Hollingthorpe Grove, Crigglestone: TS

Hollingthorpe Road, Crigglestone: TS

A61 Barnsley Road, Sandal: SD

Boyne Drive, Kettlethorpe: TS

Hendal Lane, Kettlethorpe: TS

Hudswell Street, Agbrigg: TS

Humley Road, Kettlethorpe: TS

Manygates Lane, Sandal: TS

Pledwick Lane, Pledwick: TS

Stillwell Garth, Sandal: TS

Stillwell Grove, Sandal: TS

A638 Westgate End, Wakefield: PR

Makin Street, Wakefield: PR

Dacre Avenue, Lupset: RT

B6475 George-a-Green Road, Lupset: TS

Cotswold Road, Lupset: TS

Gloucester Road, Lupset: TS

Haselden Road, Lupset: TS

Manor Haigh Road, Lupset: TS

Thornleigh Avenue, Thornes: TS

A650 Wakefield 41 Roundabout, Outwood: PR

Carr Gate Crescent, Carr Gate: RT

Carr Gate Mount, Carr Gate: RT

Lindale Lane, Kirkhamgate: RT

A650 Wrenthorpe Bypass, Wrenthorpe: SD

Brandy Carr Road, Outwood: SD

Potovens Lane, Outwood: SD

Silcoates Lane, Wrenthorpe: SD

A650 Bypass Roundabout, Outwood: TS

Bradford Road, Wrenthorpe; TS

Lindale Mount, Wrenthorpe: TS

Telford Way, Outwood: TS

Wrenthorpe Lane, Wrenthorpe: TS