Wakefield’s Pie Shop is open all hours and offers something different

Sharon Devonport and Karen Eccleston from The Pie Shop, Wakefield.
Sharon Devonport and Karen Eccleston from The Pie Shop, Wakefield.

‘Some of the stories we have you probably couldn’t print, but it’s fair to say there’s a fun atmosphere at The Pie Shop...’

When looking for something a bit different to fill the bellies of Wakefield’s late night revellers Karen Eccleston and Sharon Devonport decided to shun the typical, pizza, kebab and curry joints and opt for something they knew a bit more about – pies.

Pie Shop, Wakefield

Pie Shop, Wakefield

Located just off Westgate on Cheapside, The Pie Shop can set you up with homemade, no-nonsense pie and chips to eat in or take away.

And Karen and Sharon take a lot of pride in making friends with customers and letting them carry on the fun of their night out in the cafe.

Karen said: “It gets a little crazy in here. It gets quite loud with singing, dancing, and people belting out ‘pie shop songs’.

“We care a lot about our customers and we’ve often ordered them taxis if they’ve had a bit to drink or rang their parents if they needed picking up.

“Some of the younger ones can be a little cheeky. We had to fasten our picture frames to the wall because people kept taking mementos! Someone even took a mop.

“We always have time for people and smile, even if it’s three or four o’clock in the morning. It can be tiring but our customers have made it an amazing 11 years.”

The cafe opened its doors in 2007 as the Old English Cafe Bar but changed its name to its current, more straightforward moniker, largely because that was what the punters decided.

And though it started life as a late night spot, the cafe also is also open for lunch if you would prefer your pie in peace.