Wakefield sewers make such a stink

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NAPPIES, clothes, grease and even colouring crayons are some of the items being flushed down our loos, causing chaos in the city’s sewer system.

Last year Yorkshire Water had to deal with 2,535 blockages across the Wakefield district making it one of the worse hit areas.

Most of the problems were caused by people pouring fat, oil or grease down the sink.

But company bosses said some of the snarl ups could be avoided by not flushing items such as baby wipes, sanitary items or nappies down the toilet.

Patrick Killgallon, pollution manager at Yorkshire Water said: “Having your home filled with waste from your toilet and indeed your sink is a very unpleasant experience, which is why we are encouraging people to think twice before they pour left over fat down the plug hole or flush the odd make-up wipe down the toilet.

“We know that it might seem like pouring even a small amount of fat down the sink will not cause a problem, but a small amount every day could eventually lead to a big problem.

“Over time fat builds up in pipes to form what is best described as a block of lard - this fat then blocks pipes, meaning waste water cannot escape away down its usual route to the sewers and ends up coming back up through toilets and sinks leaving a devastating effect to your home.”

Wakefield has become one of Yorkshire Water’s top ‘hotspots’ for blockages and workers will be dropping off leaflets to homes and businesses to try and ease the problem.

Workers will also be visiting schools across the city to try and pass on the message to children.

Most city blockages were caused by wet wipes (439) and roots from plants (114).

For more details visit www.yorkshirewater.com/dirty