Wakefield Trinity fans give their views on latest development in stadium saga

Wakefield Trinity fans cheered a ruling against developers who have yet to build the new community stadium they are yearning for.

By David Spereall
Thursday, 21st February 2019, 4:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 4:47 pm
An artist's impression what the 12,000 seater stadium would look like.
An artist's impression what the 12,000 seater stadium would look like.

Yorkcourt, who own the Newmarket Lane site earmarked for the ground, have been denied permission to build a new warehouse on the land, which would have accommodated a beer and wine makers.

The company has yet to start work on the stadium, despite the government granting planning permission for it in 2012 after a public enquiry.

Supporters were angry that the warehouse application made no mention of the stadium and welcomed a planning committee's decision to block it on Thursday.

A majority want Trinity to relocate away from Belle Vue to make the club sustainable and more competitive.

Speaking outside Wakefield Town Hall after the meeting, fans said they now want to see concrete progress after more than a decade of waiting.

Fears have previously been expressed that the club risks falling into decline if it doesn't relocate away from Belle Vue and many have emphasised the benefits a stadium would have on the wider public.

Ernest Jones, who's supported the club since 1953, said: "We’re very pleased. We’ve got to keep protesting now and make sure the developers build the stadium that was supposed to happen in the first place.

"We feel very let down by the developers and by the council for not pursuing them.

Land on Newmarket Lane was earmarked for the new stadium more than a decade ago.

"We want to make our voices heard, that’s why we were here today."

Joan Watson, 78, said: "I think today's result can only help. It's not just about Wakefield Trinity, it's about the whole city."

Wakefield United chairman Matt Thomas tweeted: "Now let’s get on and get the community stadium pushed through.

"So many thousands would benefit from it, from Wakefield Trinity to dozens of community sports teams and clubs such as Wakefield United and others. Let’s prove Wakefield is a fit, healthy and proud sporting city."

Kathryn Pybus said: "It's great news.

"It's clear Yorkcourt aren't interested in building the stadium now, but we need them to make a contribution towards it.

"You go anywhere in the world and say you're from Wakefield, and people always say 'Trinity'."

David Wadsworth said: "A new stadium would create more jobs than the 130 that would have come with the warehouse. Let’s see what happens now."