Wakefield Wildcats to meet with developers over proposed stadium

Sir Rodney Walker
Sir Rodney Walker

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats will meet with developers Yorkcourt Properties Limited tomorrow to outline the costs of building a new stadium.

Plans were drawn up for the club to move to a new 12,000 capacity stadium as part of a new 100-acre business park on Newmarket Lane in Stanley.

But a crash in the economy in 2012 sidelined the plans and no work has been done on the new proposed stadium.

Wakefield and District Community Trust chairman Sir Rodney Walker said: “I am hoping a new agreement can be made which will outline the costs of refurbishing Belle Vue or building the stadium.

“I have a very good relationship with the developers and working with them is the only possibility of finding the funding to pursue either option.”

In June 2012, the government ruled that a stadium could be built as part of the plans for the business park.

At the time, Secretary of State for communities and local government, Eric Pickles, approved the plans after a referral and imposed a legal agreement which said certain planning conditions must be met including building the stadium.

Mr Carter claimed the council were beneficiaries of the section 106 agreement and called on them to enforce it.

But Wakefield Council’s chief executive Joanne Roney said: “It was not a 106 agreement but a unilateral undertaking between the developer and Secretary of State. The council is not the beneficiary.”

Wakefield Council leader Peter Box said: “I love rugby league and want all clubs to do well. We will do everything we can to put pressure on the developers to fulfil their agreement to build the stadium.”

Yorkcourt managing director Colin Mackie said: “We continue to work closely with the trust and the council.”